Jon Konz

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Jon Konz helps individuals and churches evangelize through storytelling, worship leading, and consultation. 

Simple truth. Profound beauty.

Anyone who has worked in the field of ministry has experienced the tension between providing effective ministry and proving that they deserve their salary.  In the interest of the latter, we often strive for busy ministry and call it a great achievement when we find a program that gets 60 people out to the parish regularly on a Tuesday or Wednesday night. Meanwhile, 1500 families are registered at our parishes, and only 400 people show up to Mass on the weekend. 

We see this poor Mass attendance and think, "We need a better program to interest people!" We try to come up with a more complex and engaging ministry plan and show up again on Sunday to find that it still didn't get them to Mass, and the cycle goes on.

You don't need a more effective weekday program. Most parishes already have so many events and groups to offer that it's overwhelming, and most people would rather opt out of everything than have to say "yes" to some and "no" to others (#MaybeButton). The Big 12 did not have a parish program. They knew Jesus. They saw Him in the Mass. They pointed Him out to others. They spoke simple truths of profound beauty. You do not need to fill up more of your parishioners' time during the week. They're busy. What they need is to meet people who know Jesus and can point Him out when they come to church.

We are drawn to beauty. The Catholic Mass is beautiful because Jesus makes it beautiful. At any given weekday Mass, you take away the music, put  in a shotgun homily, and have that one elderly parishioner who always says the Mass parts late and louder than everyone else, and you still have the most amazing event happening before your very eyes. Heaven touches earth. Jesus becomes present Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity, and we, unworthy sinners, are invited to touch God. Why? Because He loves YOU. Simple. Profound. Beautiful.

Our task in ministry isn't to make the faith attractive. It already is. Your job is to help people see Jesus' love for you. Often, it is in seeing the reality of God's love for others that the possibility of His love for me is made tangible. Make Jesus your priority, and build opportunities for community around your parish's Sacramental life, and you will begin to watch God justify your salary for you.